urgnnlzed Into it tlned It was nom- r ao-e. Mow It IH

In one year from ave been pnld off, wlrs will bave fci e cost per aero for 11.75, although It to the ertlnmtcd <xl. 1 be tax each 75 cents to tl per

by tbo dialnagt

ctod by the roftu- with the other this 'and hits In-

twenty to twenty-

ntoit. Jan. 98. 1887, at r the high school, th of the Normal

tbo teachers and tuny of the Inter- trated In eonoee- literature. Allot ullv invited to how m more Important red by parents nnl ', Fob. 1, a now will be formed In . Children wbo m n 1 will he idmit oy are properly vac trem on the very they may get a fair

No other class of

,cd until September R. A. Gastnian.

0 original Orlmwy- ch ot Keys.

t ttoj> Thin Mill, hrlco armed is he ust," but Jo«h HII- Inios ho who gits In , us, we alwnyx get ,hli tlnn- our grout hardest blow of all, their feet, M shoe* tnd 18.60 sliws »» oes at »1.»B does It! at 11.8ft, all these Ii

1 goods and kmx'R- stock; just what

.'nltor Hnctbln, orth Water street

r.ntert' Cellar Hour,

bright and outuby

lothlus; •> Aoelloit. nil and will oontln- ir two months long- uslnes*. so hew you k of woolens, all «l» laid In reswve. Hio ist be rodncwl, •»* ed to sell Just alt* no made fa. iu««»i"»- by onr own tallow. sot soiwrvlshin. an* . 1'btawlll th" to g«t either » bud- ult at prices •• I"" ig It over sold for, •ed. Customers CBP \ select any pnW" 10 will ue offered •« ioiir. It or a spring and selected as d*»l«*l;

,gbt aid taM »«"* «,n. R.mem.b*ri!00 t suit wl«h oor g««-

sold for cmsn only.

toy, Jan 81st »t * P-

I to 4 and 7 «" 8 P "•

Khrroao * Vo.

vlljc Drtiln Ucpublicnn.



M(II1V Woolen Mills »n Ehode la-

li,nd increasing Their



A Hoard of Trade for the Clothing; In-

dnstry Vessels Collide at S«»

Crew Lost -Pit-

man Dies.

!• f «!*, I' I . T;l!1 i'3-— Tn° 1«dultrl

,IMtn.iii»ii hi-ro and in 'Mh vicinity Ii ,,,n,ri f ing rupldly. Many woolen mlSU

»l,i h furni tho ohlof Industry, are In ,n Dong their iirudurtlon.

4lrKMlr*Uon or M»nl»fl«Jlur«r».

i t,n,i« i..!»» au A Now York spe

, i , l * > \ « tho clothing mitnufnoturoiH o ihnccimtry Jiitvo Ilinilly orgitnlzod it com !„„„ i ) IK, known IIH tho National Cloth

(epublioans, but the practical side of the

MHO demanded such recognition.

It would txt desirable, from n strictly heoretloal standpoint, to avoid all suob mbarrasslng coiupllcutlons, but votes are necessary to pass a new tariff bill and nncosslnns luviot be made to obtain them. The very utmost that can bo hoped fur ly the next administration, oven allow- ng tor the seating of Dupont of Dela- ware, which Is an Improbability, Is forty- five In the senate, or just half of tho total membership. On ouch a showing tho 'Ice president would have tho deciding voto. But with that prospect In view tbo combined opposition will defeat the neat- lug of Mr. Dupont, making it absolutely necessary to secure recruits from other ouroos.

There nre only two directions from

which help can be obtained —viz.: from tba sound money Daiuiwrattj or the frco silver Republicans. Senator-elect McKn- erv of Louisiana has raid that be would vote for and support a tariff bill that would give recognition to sugar, Lut that Is indefinite, and outside of him there Is no assurance that any of tbe sound money Democrats would help out. They nra, to a man, dyed In the wool free traders and cannot bo rolled upon In a crisis which wuuld Involve the issue of free trade and pritootlon, although their sympathy may

t*f lilt' i^nmfiiM. v."".. -

,„ Cation. Tho firms pledged t be on the side of patriotism Tb.pr.u- I,,, ntwoninii .llltnut ot tloal solution, therefore, was found to lie

(in,«heino have an annual output 01 ""I,;,,,,,, ,ho avowed purposes cf •_. *•-*-•« °< '«« •»" «*"™

no IM to do away with long cred-

it i xrtmnlvu rating and cancellation of nn'lcM It Is declared that prices will

not 1.1. tumrerud with ai d that the a»sool- ,tii.ii will merely serve as a board of trade lorthiiilothlng Industry.

(i.lllnlou Hi 8«m.

l.mdoii, Jan. 33.—The Biitlsh steamer

-nliiliury, from Port Beath for Now

Port, collided with an unknown steamer

,ff lirruromliv Devonshire. The later is

HiiplKim d 11 IM> sunk with a crew of about i*.nty

F»(h«r (if Shortlmnd !>«•<!.

Ldiidon, Jan. !)3.—Htr Isaac Pitman,

iiueiihir of shorthand which boars his

i ime Udiuid. HH hud boon In bed for

M.mo dim*.

cans, whu nave a natural predilection for protection, and It Is In that field that Mr. Nuwland< has been Industriously work-

Ing, and, it Is said, with Hiuwem.


A M«n Without Hitmll Clutrgml with For-


Annlton, Ala., Jan. 22.—llev. A. R.

Fowler, wbo is minus both hands, was arrested hero yesterday afternoon, being


Ililii'Itlmt Shi- l-i on Anotlior K\liB<lltlon

t4i tlit* iHtitnd of Culm.

Italtiinoni. Md , Jan. 23.— It Is the

mnir.it Iwllcf in Hhlpplng nlrolns linre tliiitthnittoaiiishlp IiBiiradu has guno on

ntliiir ii\p«litl(in tn Cuba to land arniH

aiiiiniihltlon f«r tho Insurgents.

f IMHI114 •.tcainor left Gibraltar on

I, oHlimilhly bound for llaltlmoro.

luting tiki-ii on it large supply of coal

'nfurn Inir dcpartuio. Sho has linen to

MISHIIM mid when at Olbrnltor her cap- nun n i nrti il ha\ Init "n Ixiurd a cargo of Irmt fur tlni port Under ordinary con-

ilnii nx nl>» xtiould have innde tho voyage

wanted in Klberton, Oa., on a charge of forging three rent notesj and a mortgage on a farm. Fowler was pastor ot the Klberton Presbyterian church for three months last yeMvbut it IH said that rumor of crooked dealings caused the church to have him resign.

Fowler lost his haLds within » tow

weeks nf each other about three yoars ago. Ho took out an accident policy for $6000, and seven days afterward one of his bauds was shot off while, hunting. When this wound healed, and before the first policy was taken out. Fowler went out gunning again In a few days and came back with tho other band blown to pieces. The Insurance company Is fight- ing thti payment of tho policies, on the ground that thu lost of the hai.ds was not duo to accident.

Thooaio Is now before the supremo

court of Georgia, and Fowler claims that tho trouble ho Is now In was Inntlguhd by tho insurance company to prejudice his suit. It is not explained who the


His Army of Murderers Dispersed

by an English Force Near



Prof. John Dowe of Madison, Wis.,

Takes Laudanum and Dies-

North Dakota Storm

Again Raging.

Brans Uulnnn Coast, Jan. 33.—News

has just received that the expedition sent by tho Royal Niger company against tbe Ktnir of Nupu from Lookja found the Foulah army dispersed and fleeing when they arrived nt Kahba. The expedition consisted of 600 Hussar troops six Maxim rapid flre guns, twenty-six mounted Eu- ropean officers, 1)00 carriers and waa head «I bv Governor, Sir George Goldle accom- panied by tho Royal Niger company flotil- la of armored stern-wheel steamers The

quarrel between tho powerful Emir of Nupa and.tho Niger company uhlcti la an old ono amw from tno,£!inlr raiding tbe company's territory for slaves. Tho

foulab force at Kabba is estimated at 30,- 000 afoot JM 2000 cavalry.

I'rof. tewe Commits Sqlrlde.

Madison, Wis., Jan. 32.—John Dowe

guloldcd last night with laudanum. Ho was despondent as tho result of drinking and tho loss of his position as Instructor in the University of Wisconsin. He was a graduate of Glasgow University and was four years private secretary to an Englishman in Italy. Then he oame to America and for three years was professor o? English literature In tho Html* Dakota Ur.lverslty.

Th« North Dakota Htorm.

Fargo, N. D., Jim. US.—A strong wind

with warm temperature started from tho oast at r.oon yesterday, but subsided to- wards nlgKt when the wind suddenly shifted to the north and th« storm began again with renewed fury. Tho teropero-

turo foil rapidly and by midnight the sit- uation became almost an serious as dur- ing any former storm this winter. Rail- roads nre badly blockaded.


in diiyH '1 wunty-oiiu havu

'il I|IM il, ami nh«i IIIIH not yet lieen sighted it iii|i(i Iliuiry 'lh« circumstances,

•-IM n In i iimieotlon with th,i foot that a

tl l.irun named J J. Ward, H reported

11 him. put In nt Nuwport NewH tho other d iv'rum I'hlliiildlpliln with a load of

«• n- MM! iniiimiiltliin, which Is said to i.ttiihit-n nMilpiird on a nchonnor In

II .11.i.t .11 Itiuids, lends to thu opinion

'hit tin. IdtniMilit wnlttil at a point out- <i'!" until tlm Hdhuoner came out, after w h u h im< cur^ii was transferred to tho -ti HIM r which It IH now thought is on its it} ID I ul.'i

If will In, recalled that tho onptnln of

tho l.niTitilt rticcntly threatened to touch M VitUmolii, Spain, In defiance of the

w truing nf tho Spnn'ib authorities, and t'liit w H only prevented from doing

•«> hy tl D mUirwmtlon of the American

"mini, v,h« ixTHiiuilod him to change his nniiil


K«T .Ml'..... form nil AllUnrc by Whl«h

uMuurm ,n , TwrlfT Hill Cull be Panned. Wiilniirfton, .Tun 3J.—It Is understood

t'i >t lu| -< lontiitlvo Newlands of Nevada

Ii n 4iii i (»<H(u)ly negotiated a treaty with •mini i.nt iniiiilicr of free silver senators trn'ii [in. n iiuntnln districts of the west

'•" ni-'ir. UH> uuwngo of a tariff bill at "!»'I,i > sin.n which will he oal)ed'

S 1vr Mi \ini(,j mixt Maroh. '«>• Or* !>"|i"t in irli'iids of tho UKo<nlng ad 1 "i i-'r iti, 11 «ns timt they would be able

< u tiniT Ml) with tbe o.d of the '"tni,;iuit nf sound money Demo

i' 1 will I.n mi dock niter March 4

' i 1 > iVi't In that direction were o

ii "i icrt tin character and blngw "'i'v i .ntliignnalos that new alll

allogtid fnrgorlns woro committed.


Wir* Wiutt»#l«M><H' l>»iu»B<w fur Selling

Hrr llttHlinnil I.lliitur.

Oiilesburg, III., Jan 32.—H. O. Hoff-

helmor and Ueorgo H.irry, two wiloon- kecpera, wore sucil yestori'oy for »10,OUO dnmngag l>y Mrs. Nellie Gregory. Until live yours ago her husband was a piosper- ou» farmer. Ho then moved to town, be-

gun drinking excessively, and became an habitual drunkard. He squandered Ills properly and bin wlfo workod to support tho three children. Notices not to soil Gregory liquor wore not heeded. A few days ago be ohokud and boat bis wife, infl'otlng Internal injuries, from wbloh she It suffering grwatly. She alicgos tho two saloonkeepers named sold tho liquor to her husband.

rural* L»w Violator.

Springfield, III., Jon. 32.—Governor annor has Issued a requlsltiou on tbe overnor of Indiana, for the extradition f Harry H. Hoover under arrest at, Mun- e, Ind., and wanted nt tho Chesster pen- tentlary for violating the parole law. Hoover was convicted of grand larceny in Kfflngbam county and sent to prison n October, 1806, on an Indeterminate •entonco, under the low passed two years

go. In November, IHBfl. be was released n parole. He soon went to Indiana. As his U a violation of tbo parole law, he

u. t ,

K l i l l

Mich i


n Alight and formed In the iin||,.,,ted. Mr. Newlandi ha

('"" »"rk u|inn this matter for sever*

otrrlrd on the negotiation '

with „.

th» m ' («M» r«" ><i

„,,„, T1)e Dallbe0no

t < niiiliMit'iil character and verjr i l . umiliie of thnie directly oon unii tho,,, in the Innermost *K»eti

01 M»J' r \i Klnluy are supposed »o know

The perfect

,)(HV (

wh'" l|i"'iiriml l,y tho necessity of robn "•">«imi,m ,,t ,nterest, reprinted b " ft«> HI Ivor allies Of ",tr«l«ntout

ilinln lh«S«i.»t.<-Kli«rnmn Makes Quirk

Keply—CongHisslonul Naw».

Washington, Jan. 23.—In tho senate

Senator Cullom presented it number ot letters favorable and unfavorable to tho Anglo-Auierlonn peace treaty.

Then Turpio (Horn. Ind.) caused a sen-

sation. Hu mild three weeks ago a formal utterance from the secretary of state rela- tive to tho Cuban question appeared in tho newspapers. At that time there was no resolution before tho somite. Under

Mich circumstances tho secretary's utter- ance wan a bitter dictum, most rude, most NWlft and of tho most voluntary character. Tho scniito might have passed this by, b.ut today tho pub:ioatlon op-

jn the newspapers to tbe effect that

a compact had been entered into between the secretary of state and tho new premier (Sherman) by which thcro was to oo' no further action touching Cuba during the present administration. "Allow me to say," proceeded Tutple, "I regard such course as a violation between the legisla- tive and executive blanches of tbo govern- ment, and has been done only onoo Uotore1

when Cunning"—lut this point Sherman Interrupted by saying, "if tbo senator **' fers to tbo publication of today I will say there is not tbe slightest warrant for tbe statement made. I Imvo not hod no 'vfcwd with Olnoy on tho subject and there has been no mention of the agreement or un- derstanding.") Turplo said he wns glad to accept tho disavowal nnd added, "What ever difference ot opinion there may he SB to the independence of Cuba I think ev- ery senator hero favors tbe independence

pli«bed in fact until tho senate bud exam- ined and passed upon It. In his judg- ment It was very poor policy to have tboso.rcpeatod utterances culling on sera- tors to act at once. What if it should turn out that there was some unintended advantage to Knglund or disadvantage to tho United States In tho treaty which both parties would correct.

Hoar sold no man was more desirous

than himself to see an ora of peace and good will, but he wished to enter n pro- test against meddling with the serious duty of senators. By this time tbe gal- leries wore filled and there was Intense In terest In the discussion. Sherman fol- lowed Hoar, there being added interest in bis statement la view of his early entry to the head of tbe state department, and bis present position as cbnlramn of tbe com- mittee on foreign relations. He said no onu was more ready than himself to con- gratulate the country on tho conclusion of this treaty. At tho same time the treaty was one involving such grave con- siderations that should bave the most careful, mature and dispassionate consid- eration. That was the present purpose of the committee of foreign relations. Tho members were about to take up tbe treaty to consider it article by article with tbe greatest oaro. Tho committee said It

would proceed with all speed compatible with interests Involved.

Thoro was no purpose to postpone or de-

lay action. Senator Allislon of Iowa,

how long tho treaty had been under

oonsldoratibn between tho governments. Sherman eald a year, if not longer. Gresbaru took active part in the early no- gotlatljns. Hour said tbo question had been up in one form or another for twenty years. Gladstone made a speech on It in tho house of commons twenty-five years ago. A delegation came from England

ten yoarg ago bearing a request from a majority of the members of parliament favorable to arbitration. Ibo delegation

was entertained in Boston and there came a favorable response throughout tho


.1. A. Sorlmser and Edmund L. Hay-

llss, were before t!io houso committee on interstate and foreign commerce In tho Interest of the Pacific Cable company of New York, against Spaldlnir. company of New Jersey. Sorimsor sold eighteen

months after passage bis company would complete tho cable to Hawaii and u yoar Inter to Japan. Ho oald in case of war with England tbe cable communication with Europe would be out oft*. Ho said

tho Htorumont that Japan granted no oth- er cable connection wai ridiculous." His lino to Japan would give to the people of that country over one million dollars In tolls. Tho Spaldlng company would build to Hawaii and stop. In reply to a ques- tion from Patterson of tho committee, as to tho truth of tho statement that tho company would be dominated by English Influence, Sorlmser said, "Of course tho company expected to do business with British people." Patterson proponed that a provision bo Inserted In tho bill in rnso tho compnny[tn operate should come un- der llrltlflli Inlluenofg.

Tho president approved tho act for tho

erection of a government building at the Tennessee centennial exposition, without advertising for proposals; constructing tho law In reference to award of life sav- ing medals so they may lie awarded to persons not members of life saving crows and for exertions olfowlioro than adjacent to life saving stations.


University of Illinois Stucsnts

Break Up a Freshman

Sociable by Rowdyism.


One Young Lady Probably Blinded

Rowdies Dispersed by the Fire

Department—Hose Turned on

Them—Some Arrests.

Another sensation was sprung ra tbe

fvrn> of a discussion of tbe new Anglo- American peaco treaty, notwithstanding the rule of referring to treaties to bedls- <m«sed only In executive session. Sena- tors Sherman, Cullora, Lodge and Gray, members of the committee on foreign ro- tations and many other senators paitlcl- pated. ^Senator Hoar precipitated tho.

discussion. In presenting tho petition from the chamber of eomu eroe In favor of a speedy ratification of tbe treaty, Boar spoke of the public pressure on the senate. Be said a groat many prominent men and

,„*. «..-. - i organisations were telegraphing and wrlt-

.Ute law allowing them to refuse to pay iuiB10dlate action un the

MH,,. deport. mw» *? J*' | tre.»y. He thought every member of tbe

Semite bailed as one oTpHtfreat events of tbe century tbe oantfTntlon of the treaty

will bo brought back and relnoaroorated.

HM Molum Bi>nk« S«cur«t.

Des Molnes. Iowa, Jan. 23.—No mor«|

allures are likely to oo-ur today, banks recalled, over a million rout outside sources this morning, are standing together. They wl.l each other up, Kach bas from 1100.COO

K'-imlU of Hi* I'lnicnn.

Calcutta, Jan. 2a.—The government

has ordered the stoppage Feb. 8 of all pll- -rlni traffic Irom Bombay and Karachi onunoount of the plague. Now over a million and three-quarters persona ore employed on tb« relief work and 175,000 nro receiving gratuitous relief, the princi- pal Increase in the number relieved being in Bengal and the northwest.

Clousiilrary 1. dintment*.

New York, Jan. 32.— Justice Lawrence

of the supreme court, overruled the dc- mnrror to tho Indictments for conspiracy rtcently found against tho officers' of the American Tobaooo company.

OoH at Canton.

Canton, Ohio, Jan. 8S —Judge Nathan

Goff of West Virginia, popularly supposed to be slated for tho attorney generalship, arrived this afternoon for n conference with MoKinley.

Ocll Rhailim.

Plymouth, Jan. 22.—Cecil Rhodes ar-

rlvoa today from South Afiloa, be present at parliamentary Investigation into tba Traunvaal raid.

MnrtlD'it I»»alli.

to|U"0.000 piled on •greed to refuse to pay the without »!x»y days legal notice, logs bank* bave taken advantages of

SBmqni uei«pi«« -—-jr- - - notion. Heary rune are *& i xpected.


Wilmington, Del., Jan. BS.-Ex-Con-

gressman Edward L. Martin died nt bis homo this morning of heart disease.

M»y Abollohlhc Wblpplnc Post.

Dover, Del., Jan. 22 —A bill w»» Intro-

duced In tbe state senate today ubohahing the whipping post and pillory^

The calaboose where tbe trompsarc

lodged in? Champaign "n>n over" tbe other nlgbtwben twen'y-two were ao commodated, and tbe «evea who came ton late were obliged to stay outaUK

Champaign, III., Jan. gi.'.—The annual

fracas between the members; of tbe fresh- men and sophomore olassoH of tbe Univer- sity of Illinois occurred last night. It leaked out late In tho afternoon that the freshmen woro to havo their sooialle In Uusy'a hull. Urbona, and at 7 o'clock sophomores begun to gather in tbe street In front of thu opera houso building. Mayor Hubhard hud boon notified that thcro would probably be trouble be-

tween the men of the two clusses.and, as a consequence, he had more than u dozen extra policemen on duty in the street in front of the building, and some of them were, located in different "parts of the building.

The flrst arrivals among tho freshmen

and young women accompanying them wore allowed to go into tho hall unmolest- ed, but ut about H o'clock the mob of up- por class men mndo a ohargc on tho en- trance to tho ball. They were repulsed by tho police, wbo stood with upraised olubs, and In tho scramble ono student was arrested and taken away to the city building. When tho sophomores saw that

they could not break through tho line of officers, they went to a building just across tbo alloy from tho opera houeo and gained entrance to one ot the second Htory rooms. From this point they were able to look into the dunce hall, and It was tbo work of only an instant to throw missies which broko out tho glass In at leant eight of the windows. This accomplish- ed, the dunce hall was Hooded with tho chemicals for which tho Unlverklty of Illi- nois students have uouonio noted.

Never in tbo history of freshmen socia-

bles has any class been able to inhabit u room into which tbeso chemicals woro thrown, nnd in loss than fifteen minutes tho hall wits nearly dosortcrt. Tbe fright- ened, freshmen retreated to another part of the-building, but declared that they would go on with their festivities as soon an tho hhll was "aired."

At 0:80 tbo sophomores made another

attempt to got into the ball, mid at this

Mayor Georgo Hubbnrd took tho

mutter In charge. Ho ordered out the Volunteer Fire department, and two

streams of water, under hlgH pressure, wore turned un the crowd of sophomores mussed in tho street. At first they show- ed no inclination to retro'it, but finally mado u rush pell-mell to tho shelter of hallways of adjoining buildings.

Wbllo tho firemen were fighting tbe

mass of the mob with streams "f water, a half dozen sophomores anil upper class- men were attempting to get more ahem- Icitls Into tho ball where the party was to bo held, and tbroo of them wore arrested In the attempt. They were taken to po- ll o hoaoqunrtors, and had not )>eon balled out by friends at 10."JO o'clock.

Miss Delia Hnbunbangh of this city,

who was being escorted to tbo party by a freshman, B. M. Thompson, may proba- bly lose her eyetght as a result of tho nlght'fl performance. While iiour tho en-

trance to tho hall sho and young Thomp- son were attacked by a'party (.f sopho- mores, who throw chemicals at thorn, and tbo fluid entered tbe oycs of tho young woman. She was assisted to the office of Dr. Bartbalow, and was In groat agony. After a hurried examination tho physi- cian said the eyes hod been seriously in- jured, and tliat perhaps the slgtt would be destroyed. A t 9:30 o'clock ho uald tbe patient was resting more eBBy, and that perhaps she would recover without seri- ous results.

At 10:30 tho streets wore clear of sopho-

mores, but It wns sold they bod not gone to their quarters, and tho polios were ex- pnctlng another attack later In tbe night, provided the freshmen should nttempt to proceed wltB their party. At II :80 o'clock nil the sophomores hart disappeared from i he atreit- and tho freshmen had resom their festivities nnd there was no further disturbance

Tbo bogs scented tho greenIflwUiv and one day succeeded in rooting 'ibo« out, nnd, finding them palatable, devoured tbo whole (500. Thts waa a year ago!

John did not make his fortune. He

roomed around the mining ciurups, con- tracted a dliiouse «f the oycs, nnd then come homo Ho asked his father for the

JBOO and when it was not forthcoming, took u drink. Tho old man called In n doctor, who prosorttoed a "greenback" plaster. Tho old man made his son » "girt" of (100, which worked wondori. Ho a»k«d for more, and did not get It, so he »oed tho senior O*<JaIlahan. Vaster- day the jury gave a verdict In favor of t*)* ild man. This makes tbe hogs guilty of grand larceny, but they are dead nnd gone. ____„. ., v


Mow »he 8p»nl»h Uunbomt WM Wnwlwd

by m. lubun Tnrped*.

Huvami, Jan. 28.-"Fur*b«ir details'

reached tore yesterday regarding tha sinking of tiio Spanish gunboat Rnlam- p«go uurlng the morning1 of Jan. 17 by the explosion of a torpedo placed in tba River Cauto. near Mango Landing, by tbe insoigents, killing alx of thn officers and crew, and wounding a number of othor» on board that vessel, nnd also seriously wounding Commander PuerM, of tho gunboat Centlnola, and 'one of her crow, besides wounding several others. The in- surgents. It appears, bDSides opening rifle flre upon t*e Oen'l»»l" and upon the men in tbo water, also fired with uMlllsry up- on tbo Contlnoln nt short range. But the Centlnelu »ncceeded In getting out of Im- mediate danger, and r«pll*d i»ltb her guns, discharging g«pc«n,iAe*,»He Insur- gents, »nd inflicting grt»«!Wfpon the enemy. Of tho men In ^bo wtter, it Is now learned Coinnianfler'It^lM'Jto Marti- nez, of the Relurnpagdj. Mil' M* by an In- surgenf bullet while swimming, and wan probably afterward drowQod. with bl§ companions, and eaten by, the alligators, which are plentiful lu those waters.

General Vusoo. while reoomioHorlng In

tbe province of PJnnr del Bio, has billed In a skirmish the well known loo»l Insur- gent leader of Ounnajay, Ledesmn, ferm- crly manager of the liogalodo plantation, as well as Gasper gouradj Jjiigo and No- darz, both Insurgent leaders, who took up arms ut J'owis since tbo outbreak of tho present insurrection. Several other in- surgent officers arc, also wild to bo among the killed. It in reported that their bod- ies hiivo lieen Identified.

Col. Viiru do! Key, during throo days'

reoonnnlterlng In tbo north of tho Sierra Maestro, Irom Sct»od«l! to (Iran Pledra, province of Santiago do Cul», has bad n skirmish with tho Insurgents, who lost nlxtoeii killed. Tho troops also 'destroyed

you hutH.

A detachment nf insurgents yobterduy

attaukod thn laborers at, work on the John ontato, this province, killing two gueril- las and two laborers, and wounding ten more of tho latter.

General Mllqulzo, whlln nwonnoltcriiie

at Han Carlos farm, at Menu, and on the heights of Virginia, hat* destroyed an In- surgent camp, nnd captured KM) firearms. Tbe luDurganlB loft two men killed, and retired with tholr wounded

Tho relatives of Henry Delgado tho

correspondent of tho Mall and Bxpross, of Now York, who died In rian Ambroislo Hospital yesterday, have Instructed Con- sul General Loo to hove bin remains Inter- rod horo, lu view ot the objections raised by the Now Vork health authorities to

their shipment to tbo United States. Canscquently. the funeral took olwoe at * o'clock yesterday af ternoon, It was at- tended by tbo American consular employ- es and by the correspondents of the Amer- ican 'newspapers.

II«K* *'• lh<! <»•*«"'»«''<«•

Exeter, N. H.. Jan. 3a.—Dunlel O'Cal

lahun, a well W-do farmer of this town, in 80 year? old, ar.d bus n routed distrust 01 s«vi gs bunks When his promising son,

Jobii.tlifd of the poor fore and bard work .,o a r cky Sow Hnmephlre farm and Btar.ed went to »eeK bis fortune, be left u roll of I50f> In bin father's custody. Thf old man I ld Hie tuoiwy In tfca bog pen.


A Fourth of ,fuly hkyrook« thjtt Cont Mr.


St. Louis, Jan. 83.— Late last night*

jury i > Judge Talty's division of tbo oir- cult court Mwardod Julia Lynch 11000 ID nor suit against Thoums Cos?rove for in- juries caused by a Hkyrockot which Co»- urovo flroil while he wns oolebrat Ing tbu nation's Independence on tho night of July 4, 1»«3. He wan exploding patriot- ism In front of nits residence on Thirteenth street, and she was watching him do hi from her house on tho other side of th» street. Mrs. Lynch wanted 18000 fo» her Injuries.

Tho right of people to celebrate the

Fourth of July In a reasonable way w»s to Mine extent a question in tho case, and Mr. T. J. KoWe, for tha defendant, want- ed the court to Inetruo* the jury that "tbe firing of fireworks on tbe Fourth of July In the United StaUM of America, if done with ordinary care and prudence, Is a pa- triotic work and highly commendable, nnd to Instruct the Jury to find for tbe de- fendant, unless they found from tbe evi- dence that "tho defendant In firing «* said skyrocket* did not exercise ordinary care." Judge Talty refused toiilfetbo InilrnctSons requested. A f tor « short «h-

iioe tho jury brought In n verdict award-

ing Mrs. Lynob $1000. _

J. B. Mackle Grlmoi' Cellar Do«r Co.

Is well worth seising. A guaranteed ear* for tbe blues.




One ofttwlargort muHoai ewnrtsottbe,

wtll be ttw production of tho comic

e op*r» "PHwfw-.'1 •* » '"•• * tbe

ptMtnr Musical Olub, «he nrt* "' ncit month. Tbewototy was organized for tbe purpose ot gl»i»Jt mush-M entertaln- ioen»san<lMienioinberihlp coroiosed of «OL»» of ib« be* musical tafcnt ol tbo olty. »fc« opera will bo given for tho bonentalsorao obnrltable •irRi.nlw.Mon. The two nrlMlvIe ohnrBotord—Iowphlno and Ralph-will l>« taken by Mr. und MM. frank Bunn. The i>tker parta have not yet been assigned. but the ohorun in organlted and I. pr.M3tlcli.g on Tuesday ana Frfclnf evening" of each wc«k. I'rot. Wentbuff I* tbe l««d«r, O. H. KM.IOT tho aoivMiipaiitat. and Joe Alexander tbo stage dlruotor. The members of toe fibor.w arc a. follow.: 8opr«m*-MI««« Ella «»»«>», Beriitro Twiner, Fletn Downing, Blanche Atoinader. Nellie Oher, .Tonnle Knoi, Bstolle Wllllmns, HnWIo Cblld.,Olllo 3«t- ton, Mta» Hagertf i.nd Mr.. WIMbim

fiMtt*M The»Uo»nre Mlises Do"""1

NeUto Koto; *aw *«"**• Jessie «te- ,,hen. «n4«aH* wW. Tho b»«ao singers ura Jofc* ISrtln. Uon Freeman, Charles Aiiw. Obnrlos Imbodon and K»ed Miinn. and thu twiow William Hosttger, Edgiir AlBIiuxlw. Mlltou Jobiinon, Jr., Kd Os boino,Wlltmt Sb.rll.iK »nd K»bpb.I)lokl

«"'• . , ,

Prof. H. M. Uite Is training » l"r«°

ehoru* witb the »lew of giving concerts. Tbi chorus «• "«* nonipoiwd of 160 «olo«» ,,,,a will be (moot too fluent and largest ohoruM* that bM ovur iipiwu'ed I" tb- olty. l'b« member* «' *!» orgunlMitloi bnvo ooen I" toralnlim •»»«* '»«* fl<" H"d

they "•« «lv» " bl« comHtrt g01"8 between now mid spring. It is tho niton Won of *». fcute to n.nlio the ohonu nmmiuient orgnmwtlon «nd to give cuter

»t periods during tho year.


raider mnsle at the. meetings and enter- tainments of the MbooL

» * *

The "Hoopla Two Step," » pleoa of

muslo whlob was eompo«ed by Mis. Marie Powers of this city, and recently pub- lished, has proved quite a success. All who tmvo hoard tbe piece have admired It and Miss Powers has iceelved roauy oompllmonts on her production.


All New KntflandrailromlsbftveagTced

to abolish I he "release" which hfi* here- tofore been required by the passenger •hipping1 bis bicycle.

liiwon and Michael find that aKip- the rope is one of the be«t devices

for strengthening: their lung power und


Thry H»v« Hem "Almost »" Niimerno. as

tbo H»ncl» by tli« Shore.

\u examination of Uie |»'««'nt office

records for the quart<-r ended Septem- ber is interesting because of the nu-

s p..lent« on bicycle '™prme-

meiith that hnvc lx-en gnuite.1. I he

liimilK-r of pate-ntsissuul to citizens of

UTI «i i1 tifi, itn«n"-i^ * "

d<veloping the muscles of their legs.

The interest token in cvclinfr at the

vnrkuiH colleges promises well for inler- rollrKmtc racing next seaaon. Con-

siderable indoor training will be done during the wmt*r. Columbian College

ovv holds the championship, sucli as

An electric bicycle lamp Is on the .irket, and it is claimed that the light .sts but two eente a night. It Is nn ply-lool<infr affair, and creates sur- rise tlmt the. maker did not turn out miethinjr more attractive, but no

oubt it will b<- rapidly improved. Arthur Zimmerman, who was the hampiou bicycle rider until he retired HO >enr» a«o, has intimated that ho ill return to the track. Considerable nriosity is being shown in refrard to lis stJinding, in comparison with the oun-rcr idere, like llald, C'ooiier, Gur- liucr and Simper, and many think thnt he cannot hold his own in the present

company. Vet the nuijorrty be-

icve that he will not. only hold his own,

it that at the end of next seiiBon he ill again be. champion. An automatic bicycle pump, attached

H-rroanenUy to Ihe tire. the latent in- ention to make th* wheelman's life still happier. It consist* of a cylinder

secured to the inner face of the, tire, tubular parts provided with internal ,crew-thv/ods thnt engage external

Vba litdiw "C the Mnnioal Culture Olu in «!.•» ^*^M H^w&luif next Mondtt Will ffm^* ^1^^ m**~**~r>

•»»BlB«*IHfc*4ornoof Mlw Maud Bur ro«»..o Wos* North street. Tho a«T« WIM b»»c been this wouk, bnt win* po» poaed (>u wooount) «>f "trer oventa Tl members ot MM elob nnmlljr hi>ld prlviit m«fl»iiig»««w/t«»<""»k«' Hut on th ooennlon ouch rooinber will hnve th prl*tkw« «f Inviting two fri«ud«. It vvl

be n KuariMi e»onlnd aiul tho mui wndofwl will be by Bunsi«n nornp.i«ow A flnu progtam has boon prepnrwl f( »bo iMXNWton and tbo affair will be Iroimr- tiint «« a snclsl »• well an n musn;al ovont.

Tbe lumuuon of the muulctil division of

the Womnn's Club held their regular inMttng this morning. They aro study- ing the unbjM of "Great Vlullnlrts and Component for tho Violin." Mlns Jamil)

Brown hud oharRd of tho program.

Papom (in the (otlovviiiK subjvrts wore rend by tho members: "Women "f th« Violin,'1 Ittlfl " MamifnoturerH ot Violin Siring*," Minn Hallio HehafTor; 'Grout

Violinists" and "Inlluuiiee of I'Oiils

Spohr," Minn Alllo Uohliihon, "Mm

fortunes »f n .Strmllvnrlus" iinU "(Irrger- wlteok," Urn. Trover; "Itlvurile, I'rit?. Spohrnnd M»r»lok,"Min» LauraStihafTer; "Aroortcwn Glrl« n* Violinists," Miifl HoblnMO. A vocal solo WIIH ronilorwl by Mrs. K. Ha. wood, u piano solo by MIHS Lulo Oo«ad and » piano duel by Miimis Wnod and fork.

Mrt K. Hiirwoid making tin

mentsto glvo a homo tiilont niinntrul show for thu bonotU of tho ohimty fund of tho Wanmn'd Belter Corps. Tho affair will not t»ko pl.wo for Homo time, £u prapurnUans IITO iHiliiK nvulu. 'Ibo luln sirel show whlnh was RIVCII liiBt Hutimu under tho dircatlon of Mrs Hiirwood wne saoh a snetHWH that a Ntmtlnr cntcrtntn m«MW*utdd«nbtla<mroo«iv« tho nntron •tjeof «Jfjflh«i'"<'-6oln« pvoplu.

* + *

Mrs Adelaide Lonltie. Nellls, who gavi

Toaal tvsmns In this city hwt year, bn orpiBhMd a olnss In Champaign. Mrs Null In mir ban a conservatory of mu«t on Michigan aveune I'.i Chicago. Mil Mlna Ntoholson Is among thum from thl oity who am studying »ocal muolo at Mrs Nslll*' Softool. * * *

Harold Wlliwn, a young man trom thl

olty, has (ruined ronaldernblo notice »' stage singer Ho him a llnu r>n'ltano vole

HOd liss received wuue highly < msntary orttees In tho uow*pniivrii. H i* now trawling wltb tbo llrncb un Bowers minstrel troupe

* * f

* Prof. J. B. Bornlbeo. n noted vct-nll of SprlBgJMd, b«» organised n clnsH In *kls«Hy sad was lu'tu Wodnniduy to <rtvo |pU frst lessons, lie will come to Decn- ' ' ' t Wetinesduy to Instruct hUrjapllK

•tl llr»* i HU-"*'" «•••• " - - - o n

thieads on Ihe cylinder and a, tubular oioton arranged to slide in thecyliudei. ity nieniMi of valve« Hie admission of uir t.,, and the paBsageof airfroni.thecylin- der IB governed. It is claimed that

tl.is pump will keep the tires properly inflated v.itb air, without any uid from the rider. ^^_


the IJnited Stultra for tbw eluw of m- >entJ«ns exceeds tl.e tiuml«-r iscued n tho pre\ious three weeks by nearly ;:»(!, und for t,ho eomrespojiding period lust year by o\er 500.

The totni number of applications re-

cen<-<! which related in «"1c way to cvclinR was 1,1 on. Tin-s, jmeumatic nn.l otherwise, <«inc first, und, with the, variou-v odds and end-s ot improve- incuto relating to eonstmetimi, covnr- ing. inflating, etc. the total numlie* of applicationb <m iIreH alone wasS50

Then como 2«» applieal.ion« under

••gcnoriil construction." Bmk™ conic

next with 50, followed l>y Baddies with 12 while invented) desirous of sound- tion of .11 inventorf, and the inflating nUv« of 22. Lubricators hove 25 and looks 19 DcvieeH loir Hccurinfi- Ittdirs'

dresses have 14 applloants, antl lamps 1" while lnventorh desirous of somid- inp the alurm have filed wwn appliea- tions for bells.

Apparatus to onny l»«ggttge rep-

aesented by BIX paH-nte and cyclo-

liie,tei« by «ve. Tlicre me two descrip- tion* of ilevicos for euirylnff pip*"5 "lu1 niatchw, while the ffonrmnnrl «•»•!<>; to patent a contrivance for carryitig luncheons. Finally, we find vanity on the wheel m amply provided for in tlw presence of two fa*r xototries, who have nvented whut they call "toiletcxirnpan-

Tnken all in all, t«o-third« of the

palcntfc w> Jar ishued fan- bicycle im- provement* are ulmJutoly wort,W««..

at. all familiar with the work?


OB th« EBdi'of U>««r. That BrH»

tbe Bear Wheel. .

Tbe opinion la gaining ground that

the comlnp Weyole will be operand without a chain. And if tho leftrover Ktock of wheels made this year were not w> large the new type would probably be extensively produced for the coming season As it is, predictions, are not

s«fe. We have already mentioned two or three methods of driving u bicvrte without n chain. In one of them the present style of pedal and crank is re- tained, and l.y means of bevel gearing nnd n slender steel rod the jiower ss transmitted from Ihe crank to the rear vvheelx. \notuCT dcsig*, of which L. H Smith is U.c father or latlu-rin-la-w, was pri! ately exhibited to a representa- tive of the New York Tribune recently. The rear vv heel 4ms for its hub n litxllow drum live or she inche.s lonfir.aml with nlHiut, the same' <liivm«l<-r. This in-


cof-es e' pletcly protected from «he dust, me

axle is not made of one continuous piece, for oHOillntinff levers, secured to each end and operating the machinery

Owing to an unforeseen

circumstance necessitating some change in the arrange- ment of the new studio, I was unable to open to-day as advertised. Will open


Laplanders often skate in oue daj. &

distance of 150 miles.

The Huddhist nuns in llurmah have

their heads completely shaved.

Over one-half ot the, arable land of

Japan is devoted to the cultivation of riic.

Amoiw 1h<" supplies sent to foreifrr is^Kiiiare* the bicycle takes a prom- jcnt place. The i'csh of the allifcutor is eaten by

inhubitiinU of India. Boiled, it

istes like veal. The lirst iniin to apply t-teuinl*house •in nun;- was James Walt, the Scotch i\i ntor, in 1784. The iitv. mapa/lne rifle adopted by lie I'ritith armv thiovvs .1 ball lo 11 dis- nce of 4,1100 vards. l.ouis A. I'ettier, of Allen count\.

ml., hub- been un midei taker for i>0